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Soft Washing: The Gentler Approach To Professional Pressure Washing

Soft washing

Not every exterior surface of your residential or commercial property can withstand a higher pressure wash, and that's why experts have developed several pressure washing methods to ensure that every single one of your outdoor surfaces can be handled safely and with ease. For the areas of your home or business that require a much more gentle approach, the soft washing method is absolutely perfect for providing a thorough clean without the risk of undue damage to your property. And while pressure washing itself should always be left to the professionals, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various methods in order to have a better understanding of the process.

Why Soft Washing Is An Important Skill For Any Professional Pressure Washer

For services such as house washing and roof cleaning, knowing how and when to use the soft washing method is an essential skill set for any professional pressure washer. Shingles, vinyl siding, and delicate materials like glass need a much gentler approach when it comes to pressure washing to help mitigate any potential damage to your exterior surfaces, and the soft wash approach should always be used for these materials. An expert will have a sound understanding of this method and how to carefully clean these surfaces, so you can rest easy knowing your property is in good hands.

How Does The Soft Washing Method Compare To Other Pressure Washing Techniques?

So what exactly is the soft washing method and how does it compare to other techniques? It's a much lower pressure wash paired with safe, effective, and eco-friendly chemical solutions to help achieve an incredibly deep and thoroughly clean without damaging your more delicate surfaces. Pressure washing and power washing are the other two primary exterior cleaning techniques, and they vastly differ from soft washing in that both use a much higher pressure setting. Pressure washing is fantastic for cleaning harder materials like brick and stone, while power washing—which uses hot water to sanitize a surface—is perfect for the toughest, sturdiest materials like concrete.

Soft washing can be done on nearly any type of exterior surface with amazing results, but this method cannot be interchanged with higher pressure techniques when it's required. When you choose to work with a professional, all the hassle and guesswork is taken out of your hands, and you can instead relax while an expert polishes your surfaces to absolute perfection! To work with the soft washing experts here at H2O Obsessions LLC, give us a call or fill out our online request form today. We'd love an opportunity to work with you and your property!

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